The Sunday Night Singers

Copy of Audition




We invite you to join us for our 15th season! We welcome singers from all different backgrounds. Whether you sang in high school choirs or even if you have a degree in music! We have a place for you.

We are auditioning for the following two choirs:

The Sunday Night Singers

24 voice mixed chamber group. This ensemble is comprised of singers with previous choral experience. Rehearses weekly on Sunday nights from 6-9pm. This group will have 4 season concerts and various performances outside of the season concerts. Potential European Tour in Summer 2020. First Rehearsal, Sunday, August 18, 2019.

The Sunday Night Singers Chorale

55+ voice large chorale. This ensemble is comprised of singers of all ages and different levels of musical experience. High school students are welcome! We rehearse every other Sunday from 6-7:30pm. The chorale has two season concerts and will perform a larger work. First Rehearsal, Sunday, September 8, 2019


The Artistic Director will:

  • Test your range- Figure out how high and low you can sing.

  • Test your tonal memory- See how many notes you can repeat after he plays them on the piano.

  • Test your sight reading skills- Figure out how well you read music