The Sunday Night Singers


Made Up Facts

     Wan't to learn more about the Sunday Night Singers? Go elsewhere. Want to read a list of three, bumbling, fabricated factoids? Please, read on!

  1. The Sunday Night Singers undergo an extremely rigorous training regimen based on the part they intend to sing. For example, following a successful tryout, the tenors must make it to the top of the American Gladiator pyramid whilst being pummeled by giant, brightly colored, Q-Tips. This is meant to represent their need to "reach high."
  2. The group actually met in an alternate future in the year 2143. After saving the world from certain destruction at the hand of inter-dimensional space aliens, the singers were pulled into a tear in space-time and wound up in the present day.
  3. Every member of the Sunday Night Singers has a different super power, which they use to stop crime perpetrated by other super-beings. I know what you're thinking and NO! It's nothing like X-Men.

Bruce Rivera

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