The Sunday Night Singers


A Look Back and a Thank You

     As The Sunday Night Singers step, ever forward, towards new and exciting adventures, I’d like to quickly pause and, at the marked risk of being turned into a pillar of salt, look back.

     Not long has passed since a birthday party in 2005 lit the spark that was to ignite into the Sunday Night Singers. In that time, short though it may be, this group has had the privilege of doing things that most people only experience while staring at the silver screen. This group has competed at the International Musical Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales, recorded an album of African American Spirituals with composer Stacey V. Gibbs, won a championship at the World Choir Games 2012, and made many heartfelt connections with Choirs from around the world. All of this is to say that I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that have been afforded me whilst being a member of this group.

     I am not alone in my gratefulness; I am far from it. Every conversation that I have ever had with my fellow choir members has yielded the same results. A smile creeps into their demeanor, their eyes glaze over as they speak, and suddenly, all at once, you’re both right back there together. Then, when you find yourself back in the present, your heart breaks a little.

     I’d like to thank everyone that has ever provided a cent to The Sunday Night Singers. As time passes and faces change, the soul of the group remains the same. The effect that your generosity has had is as evident to me in the people we touch as it is in the group itself. I have absolutely no doubt that this sort of immeasurable effect will continue to touch new lives and invigorate old ones.

     With all that, only one thing remains to be said. Thank you.

Bruce Rivera