The Sunday Night Singers


More Made Up Facts

     It's time again for another edition on Made Up Facts with The Sunday Night Singers. If you want to learn about who we are and what we do... GO AWAY!!! If you want to read ravings of a lunatic... proceed.

  1. Six members of The Sunday Night Singers are actually the same person. Having just joined the group, people were having a hard time remembering their name and, being polite to a fault, they just answered to all of them.
  2. One of the basses is actually just 3 toddlers stacked up under a trench coat. Everyone's caught on, but nobody has the heart to tell the little tykes to leave.
  3. The Sunday Night Singers got their start as The Sunday Night Gator Wrastlers. Crowds would gather to watch the group of young men and women do battle with these swamp-dwelling miscreants. After a while, it was decided that singing was just plain easier.