The Sunday Night Singers

Our Goals


Mission Statement

     If you’ve spent any amount of time on our website, you’ve gathered that we love to sing together. You won’t find us arguing that there needs to be more, but the wonderful thing is that there is. The Sunday Night Singers believe in singing with a purpose and from very early on, that purpose became very clear.

     The goal of this organization is to foster the growth of choral music through the highest levels of performance, education, and the promotion of the creation of new choral music, and choral composers all while loving every minute of it. This is sentence is concise and all, but what’s it really mean?

     Let’s break it down. We want the choral arts performed at the highest levels. Naturally, this means that we, as a group, do everything within our power to perform, the beautiful choral pieces we find, to the best of our abilities. This first point, however, falls mute without the second; we must do our part to educate the younger generations about the great art of choral music. A short visit to our music page will reveal that many of our pieces are performed with high school singers. Finally, we don’t just want choral music performed with excellence; we want NEW choral music performed with excellence. With this at mind, The Sunday Night Singers are currently working with upcoming and well established composers to ensure that the choral arts always have something new and exciting to offer.

     Through these and all future endeavors, The Sunday Night Singers intend to instill a love of choral music into the young minds that represent its future. This may seem strange coming from a group which at its oldest is composed of twenty-sum-year-olds, but we never claimed to be normal.